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August 2018 President's Message

30-Jul-2018 12:30 PM | Lynne Irwin (Administrator)

Hot enough for ya? Hopefully everyone has been enjoying the great weather.  Although it is summer, it has been a busy time for RES; aside from some mundane chores (like new bank signatures) and two monthly board meetings, we have been busy planning some activities for later this year (details to come as plans get firmed up) and holding a strategic planning session hosted by Greg Gdowski at U/R (more details on the outcomes later).

There is a pressing need your RES has, a chair for Programs and Meetings. We are envisioning one or two annual meetings of either a social or educational nature. We have many possibilities, contact and venue that can be made available to you. If you can lend assistance to this task please contact the RES. We would be forever grateful!

This month’s issue features a story on the new railroad bridge over the Genesee River at Portageville near the southern end of Letchworth State Park. Hopefully you will enjoy the article as I did. It is an impressive structure. I found the bridge to be a fascinating mixture of history, modern construction techniques and environmental concerns. Controlled blasting is a bonus and always gets my attention.

Joe Dombrowski
RES President

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