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2018 President's Message

30-Aug-2018 12:32 PM | Lynne Irwin (Administrator)

Hopefully everyone has been enjoying the great weather this summer.  Summer has found the RES busy planning for upcoming events.

We have had a board opening for a while, and two folks stepped up to volunteer to fill the vacancy. The current board, at its regular meeting of 8/22 selected Dennis Roote, President of CDE Engineering and Environment, PLLC to fill the void. Dennis is not a stranger to the RES, having worked with us before often. Many thanks to the people who stepped forward to be consideredand welcome aboard Dennis.

The president, and the first and second vice presidents (who are destined to be president eventually) held a strategic planning session hosted by Greg Gdowski at U of R on 7/18. The outcomes involve some homework for the executives and the Board; we agreed to create a list of duties of the RES board members and their committees, update the Constitution and Bylaws to eliminate some clumsy and outdated items (found at http://roceng.org/Constitution-&-By-Laws) and investigate lengthening the terms of the officers to two years from one year as a way of increasing efficacy. Any other suggestions would be helpful; feel free to let us know what you would propose. I will use this forum to report on our progress.

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