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Announcing the arrival of the electronic version

of the Rochester Engineer

December 20, 2016

Dear RES Members and RES Affiliates:


It is clear that online communication is here, and RES has taken steps in recent years to help its membership stay connected with RES, online.   Our website was modified in 2012 to offer an integrated content manager, calendar, and registration system.  Since 2014 the Rochester Engineer magazine has been available on the RES home page.   There are further discussions underway toward adding social media, in the future.  Now we are changing our print production strategy, in line with our more connected membership. 


Earlier this year the RES committed to resolve the negative cash-flow associated with printing and mailing the hard-copy of the Rochester Engineer magazine.  (We have been losing money for several years, as printing costs and postage kept rising.)  I am happy to report that the Board of Directors has defined a path to resolve this problem.


The Rochester Engineer has been available on-line for more than two years. Given the increasing availability of the digital version, we have agreed to make that Web version available to everyone, at no charge. It can be viewed on your computer, tablet, or cell phone!


We also believe that there is still value in printing enough hard copies to allow Individual Members, Affiliate Member, Corporate Members, and supporters, to have a copy of the Rochester Engineer “on the table in their lobby.”  It is also likely that some members will still want to continue receiving a hard-copy, because there is something “tangible” about holding a magazine, they don’t like reading a computer screen, or some other personal reason.  So, we intend to continue printing a smaller quantity of hard-copies.


For the RES, the real financial benefit lies in reducing the number of printed issues each year.  Our magazine will continue to be created monthly for 11 months of the year, but we will print only four (quarterly) issues (tentatively January, April, August, and November). To help support this cost-reduction plan, we are asking our Affiliates to pay $2.50 per copy for the printed version, (totaling $10 per year), for each of their members requesting a hard-copy. (Please compare this cost with that of any other magazine delivered to your home.)  Affiliates may want to pass this printed-copy charge on to their members who request a hard-copy.  We believe that $10/year is quite reasonable.


The January 2017 issue will be the last “consecutively printed monthly issue.”  April 2017 will be the next printed offering; but please remember that the digital-version will continue to be presented each month on the website, and will be available to everyone, at no charge.


We need to collect, from each RES Affiliate, the names and mailing addresses of those Affiliate members wanting to continue receiving the hard-copy, by March 1, 2017, in preparation for mailing the next printed issue scheduled in April.


Although we reached this solution before year’s end, it will take time to publicize this change and collect the required mailing addresses. Expecting that RES Affiliate budgets may already be in place, we are proposing to charge only $1.50 for each of the first two quarterly editions (April & August), and then begin the $2.50 charge with the November issue.



I speak for the Board of Directors in saying thank you for recognizing the value added and for supporting the Rochester Engineering Society,


Jon Kriegel – 2016 President


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