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2020 Recipients


Name and scholarship (from left to right):

Miranda Owen, Joseph Campbell Scholarship

Grace Niyo, Susan Costa Scholarship

Baris Ugur, David Fergusson Scholarship

Meron Abate, Keith Amish Scholarship

Firaol Midekssa, SWE Scholarship

Madeline Loui, IEEE Scholarship

2019 Recipients

Name and scholarship (from left to right):

David Reynoso, Joseph Campbell Scholarship

Bianca Dyer, Susan Costa Scholarship

Stephanie Marini, David Fergusson Scholarship

Danny Ayele, Keith Amish Scholarship

Amber Smith, SWE Scholarship

2 awarded - Rebekah Bagley & Margaret Cech, IEEE Scholarship

2018 Recipients



Name and scholarship (from left to right):

Crystal Kim, Joseph Campbell Scholarship

Samantha Hammond (not pictured), Susan Costa Scholarship

Kara Tenpas (not pictured), David Fergusson Scholarship

Ramon Torres, Keith Amish Scholarship

Erin Reilly, SWE Scholarship

2 awarded - Javon Walker & Liam Smith (not pictured), IEEE Scholarship

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