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General Information

The Rochester Engineering Society is an umbrella organization for engineering societies in the Rochester area. The goals of the society are: to advance the art and science of engineering for the general public welfare in Monroe County and the adjoining counties; to foster in practicing and prospective engineers excellence as professionals, as citizens, and as individuals; and, to promote communication and cooperation among all branches of engineering.

Multiple scholarships, sponsored by a variety of organizations and administered through the RES, are awarded annually ( $1,500 each) to recognize outstanding engineering, engineering technology, science or technology students. These are merit-based scholarships.

Scholarships from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) require applicants be student members of their respective organization.

RES Scholarship Chairperson


 Applicants must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Be an undergraduate student in good standing who has completed two years/or achieved third-year standing in an ABET-accredited engineering, engineering technology, science or technology program.
  2. Have an overall grade point average of 3.0 out of 4.0 (or equivalent).
  3. Plan to continue engineering, engineering technology, science or technology studies in an undergraduate ABET accredited program in the following year.  Scholarship recipients will be individually notified by the date indicated and publically announced at the RES Gala event.  Funds are sent to the recipient and will be disbursed to recipients via the USPS.
  4. Be a resident of Monroe, Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Orleans, Wayne, or Wyoming Counties of New York or enrolled in an ABET-accredited engineering, engineering technology, science or technology curriculum in a college in those counties. The Rochester Chapter of IEEE allows applicants from Corning or Alfred sub-chapters.
  5. Not be a previous recipient of this scholarship. 

Important Dates

 All applications follow the dates and deadlines below:

  1. September 1st-November 30th 2019  Interview deadlines
  2. December 2nd (postmarked).  Receipt of all application materials.
  3. ~February 1st.   Award notification.
  4. April 18th. Public announcement of scholarship recipients at the RES Gala event.
  5. ~August 1, 2020 -  Disbursement of scholarship award.

Required Data and Instructions

  1. Certificate of Interview from a member of the Scholarship Committee - Request an appointment for interview by sending an email to the RES Scholarship Chairperson (email address located above). In your email, include your full name, phone number, and the day(s) and time(s) you are available for an interview. Attach your resume to the email. Call the RES Scholarship Chairperson if you have not received a reply within three days. The interviewer will provide a certificate that the interview was conducted between the interview deadlines stated above.
  2. Transcript - Official copy of applicant’s current transcript showing grades for the entire enrollment in current school and if a transfer student, courses taken and accepted from his/her prior college or university.
  3. Resume - The same resume the applicant would use if applicant were applying for employment. Be sure to include the following information: name, permanent address, school address, college, degree and program, anticipated date of graduation, and any professional society memberships and leadership positions therein.
  4. Applicant’s Letter - A letter written by the applicant addressed to the Chairman of the Scholarship Award Committee of the Rochester Engineering Society. This letter shall not be more than one typewritten page in length and should discuss the applicant’s position with respect to the following:
    • Why the applicant is studying engineering and chose his/her particular field.
    • Why the applicant is applying for the scholarship.
    • The applicant’s involvement in professional society activities, the leadership positions held and describe active involvement in other extra-curricular activities.
    • Statement that the scholarship will be used in engineering, engineering technology, science or technology studies in an undergraduate ABET-accredited program during the following year should an award be received.
  5. Reference Letter #1 - Letter from the applicant’s faculty advisor in his/her current school. This letter should indicate the applicant’s standing in the class relative to other students, his/her course load and involvement.
  6. Reference Letter #2 - Letter from a current or former employer who is not a relative, OR, a professor of engineering, science or technology in whose class the applicant has been or is presently enrolled.

Applicants must submit the six application required items listed above. All items must be submitted together. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that all the necessary data are submitted by the deadline in one package and will be immediately disqualified from judging, with no further follow-up, if these instructions are not followed. The applicant should notify those persons supplying reference letters that timely response is critical. Reference letters may be submitted in individually sealed envelopes within the application package. Deliver, mail or email to all items by December 2, 2019 (postmarked), to the Rochester Engineering Society, RMSC Campus, 657 East Avenue, Rochester, New York 14607.



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