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ENGINEERs OF DISTINCTION Application Guidelines


Every year the Rochester Engineering Society selects an outstanding engineer or engineers from the community to honor as an “Engineer of Distinction”. The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding achievement and contributions to the profession by engineers in the Rochester region and to promote the importance of engineering practice to society.

Engineers of Distinction will be recognized in a variety of public venues and media. .

The RES has a two-stage nomination/selection process. The initial nomination form allows individuals and organizations to identify and present a candidate. From these initial forms, the Nominating Committee will select candidates to advance to the next stage. At that point, the Nominating Committee will contact the candidate with a more extensive form which is used to collect specific, detailed information which will then be used by the Selection Committee to evaluate each candidate in selecting our finalists.

Deadline for Nominations

Initial Nominations MUST be received by

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Click here for the initial application form for EOD

Final Nominations MUST be received by

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Click here for the final application form for EOD

Please email or mail your nomination to our office:
 657 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607

Email to: res@frontiernet.net

Award Presentation 

Professional Awards will be announced in a variety of media and at an Awards event in early 2024!

(Date & Location TBD)

General Information and Entry Guidelines

Nominees must be actively involved in the practice of engineering.

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) describes engineering as the “application of science,” where real products are built or created from abstract ideas. “Scientists study what is; engineers create what never was.”

Basic Criteria

  1. Candidates must be able to qualify for regular membership grade in the Rochester Engineering Society by meeting at least one of the following criteria:
    1. Graduate of an ABET-accredited program in engineering, or engineering technology
    2. Graduate of an engineering or applied science curriculum with at least four years professional experience in engineering work
    3. New York State registration as a Professional Engineer
    4. Equivalent professional competence evidenced by unusual personal development and professional accomplishments (as determined by the Selection Committee).
  2. Candidate's professional integrity shall be indisputable.
  3. Candidates shall have a strong record of engineering achievement that, viewed in total, demonstrates the individual’s exceptional, positive impact upon the profession.
  4. Candidate's professional reputation shall extend beyond Rochester.
  5. Candidates shall have a strong record of engagement in community activities, for the betterment of the Rochester region and society.

Candidate Eligibility

  1. Once submitted, candidates will be eligible for consideration for an Award by the Selection Committee for a total of four years if original submission was for the Engineer of the Year.
  2.  Any candidate announced as an “EOD” will be presented the EOD Award only once.


  1. Nominator completes initial nomination form and submits it to RES by the announced deadline. (Both the initial nomination form and final candidate application form are available on the RES website.)
  2. RES EOY/YEOY/EOD Nominating Committee conducts a preliminary review of initial nominations and directly contacts accepted candidates with a more detailed application form, to be completed and submitted to RES by the announced deadline.
  3. Application materials are then forwarded by the Nominating Committee, for review by the EOY/YEOY/EOD Selection Committee.
  4. EOD will be announced in a variety of media and at an Awards event in early 2024. Additional candidate information may be gathered at that time.

The RES EOY/YEOY/EOD Selection Committee relies upon the nomination and application forms to be thorough and complete. Because of the limited time frame of the assessment/selection process, the Selection Committee is limited to the information presented on the forms. Consequently, if the application form is incomplete, the candidate may not receive proper consideration.

Please be thorough in your documentation of the nominee’s accomplishments, ensuring that you have best described your candidate’s suitability for the award. This will assist the Selection Committee in its holistic evaluation of your candidate.

Necessary Information for the Candidate Evaluation Process:

  1. Record of engineering achievements (technical)
  2. Record of professional experience and business acumen
  3. Record of continuing competence
  4. Record of involvement in and contributions to professional society activities
  5. Record of involvement in, and contributions to, civic, community, and humanitarian activities
  6. Record of college education and academic achievement

When you submit the nomination, consider the central question:

What major contribution(s) serve as the basis for this nomination?

Please provide specific examples of how the nominee has demonstrated excellence, creativity and initiative in their business and profession, and the value of this contribution to the profession and society. Significant achievement may have involved an invention, a technology transfer, a modification to an existing process, or a new process or product idea that led to increased efficiency, new sales opportunities, cost savings, decreased maintenance, and so forth. This achievement may have consisted of one major identifiable product or process modification. Alternatively, it may have encompassed a series of smaller accomplishments which, when taken together, resulted in a significant advancement and benefit to society. 

Click here to get the PDF version of this information!


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