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Membership Development Committee

Committee Chair


  • The Membership Development Committee shall review the membership levels for individual members, affiliates, and corporate members.  They shall provide guidance on the dues associated with each type of RES membership.
  • The committee shall review the benefits associated with each category of membership.
  • The committee is charged with the development of activities targeted towards increasing the RES membership.
  • The committee will conduct regular assessments of the membership to ensure RES is achieving its mission.   
  • The committee is also responsible for the engagement and recruitment of new individual members, affiliates, and corporate members.
  • The committee shall meet monthly and will report their activities at the monthly RES Board meetings.


The Chairperson of the RES Membership Development Committee shall be an RES Board Member or Officer and will be appointed by the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee will work with the appointed Chairperson to identify members of the Membership Development Committee.

Committee Members

The Membership Development Committee shall consist of a minimum of five members, including at least one the Affiliates and one from the Corporate members group. The composition of the Committee shall reflect, insofar as possible, the the professional interests of the RES, its members, and affiliates. 

Committee Members


Rochester Museum & Science Center

Administrative Director

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