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Affiliate Members

Affiliate membership weaves a fabric of engineering and technology disciplines together to provide a stronger organization.  Affiliates provide focus and specialized programs to serve the greater Rochester area's engineering needs. 

RES provides affiliates with many services, allowing them to concentrate on their specific professional discipline.  Below you will find a list of Affiliate Membership Benefits and Dues, as well as a link to the online Roster and associated web site links. 

Affiliate Member Roster / Links
Rochester Engineer Magazine:

Each affiliate society can subscribe to the magazine for its membership and submit up to one page of Affiliate news for inclusion in each issue of the Rochester Engineer e-magazine. Additional pages can be purchased at a rate of $175 per page. Every Affiliate can and are encouraged to submit its meeting information for inclusion in the calendar portion of the publication for free (which also gets automatically posted to the website calendar - one of our most visited sites).

The magazine is published monthly, with the exception of July; the deadline for contributions (submitted digitally to the RES) being the 10th of the month prior to publication. Starting April 2020 there will no longer be printed and mailed Rochester Engineer magazines (you will be able to purchase at cost the magazine online from ISSUU - the current magazine app.) The electronic copies are free (at this time) and you can sign up to get a notice when the issue is posted online (click here).

RES Web Page:

Each affiliate society member may have both their web address and email address included on the RES web page, with a live-link to the affiliate’s home page from the RES page called “Links to Affiliates.”   

Centralized Mailing Address and Phone Contact Information:

The RES address may be used as the official mailing address for the affiliate for a yearly charge of $40. This service eliminates the confusion of changing addresses each year as the officers change. If a postal box is being used, this service eliminates the problem of going to the post office to check out whether there is any mail. The affiliate informs RES of Affiliate contact person for notification when mail is received. The RES will forward mail on a regular basis to a designated person (plus postage). This service is billed yearly. Affiliate members may list the RES telephone number as their own in the Rochester telephone directory. The affiliate supplies the RES staff with information on how to direct the caller to the proper society officer. The charge for this service is $55 per year. Deadline for changes is the beginning of November. After that date you need to wait a year to sign up for this service.

Reservation Services: The RES office will accept reservations for all functions of an affiliate society, and will type name tags for attendees.  The cost for this service is 30¢ per name per meeting and an additional 17¢ per person if you wish name tags typed and printed from the computer. For the 30¢ fee, the affiliate receives an electronic excel file of an alphabetized list of attendees. This list can serve as a check off for the night of the meeting and also as a permanent record. We are also extending this service for online reservations and credit card payments. If you wish to have RES take your reservations through their website and accept credit card payments their is a $10 set up fee (per meeting). Call or email to request the costs for this service.
Meeting Rooms: 

The RES has moved to the RMSC Campus, 657 East Avenue, Rochester, NY in 2013. Meeting rooms are available with advance reservations with the RMSC at a charge. There is a small (12 person) meeting room available (during the day only - 8 am through 5 pm) in the Planetarium Library, again with advance reservations (at no charge). Call (585-254-2350) or email (res@frontiernet.net) the office to request this service. Access to this room is not public and will need staff to open the locked door.

Storage Box Service: Affiliate society members may store its records at the RES office in the Planetarium location at a cost of $20 per box per year. This service is billed yearly. To access the boxes during office hours you need to call the office (585-254-2350) or email the office (res@frontiernet.net) to set up a time. Office is not available every day.
Affiliate Membership Dues:
Annual Dues:

If you wish to join as an Affiliate Society member, please forward your request in writing on your society’s stationery to the current President (Greg Gdowski, PhD for June 2020 through May 2022) at the following address:  Rochester Engineering Society, 657 East Avenue, Rochester NY 14607 or email to president@roceng.org. After receiving your request a couple of representatives will be invited to the next board meeting (usually held at 12:00pm on the fourth Wednesday of the month - these meetings are also posted on the website calendar) to give us information about your affiliate. We will then vote on the membership after your departure and contact you after the meeting.

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