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David Fergusson Scholarship recipients

  • 03-Jun-2020 12:03 PM | Greg Gdowski, PhD (Administrator)

    Baris Eser Ugur
    Chemical Engineering
    University of Rochester

  • 04-Jun-2019 11:16 PM | Greg Gdowski, PhD (Administrator)

    Stephanie Marini
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    Mechanical Engineering Technology

  • 04-Jun-2018 8:32 PM | Greg Gdowski, PhD (Administrator)

    Kara Tenpas
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    Electrical Engineering

  • 04-Jun-2017 9:16 PM | Greg Gdowski, PhD (Administrator)

    Steven P. Reuter
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    Mechanical Engineering

  • 05-Jun-2014 9:45 AM | Greg Gdowski, PhD (Administrator)

    Kaitlin Peranski
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    Industrial Engineering
  • 05-Jun-2013 10:41 AM | Greg Gdowski, PhD (Administrator)

    Andrew N. Lyons
    University at Buffalo (SUNY)
    Mechanical Engineering
    Aerospace Engineering

  • 05-Jun-2012 10:38 AM | Greg Gdowski, PhD (Administrator)

    Casey Boyle
    University of Michigan
    Mechanical Engineering

  • 05-Jun-2011 10:31 AM | Greg Gdowski, PhD (Administrator)

    Bryan Weinstein
    Case Western Reserve University
    Engineering Physics


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