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Founded in 1897, the RES is a multi-disciplinary society uniting diverse disciplines to enhance professional development, foster excitement in math and science for the next generation of leaders, and improve communities where members live. The Society supports individual engineers, local affiliates of national engineering societies, schools of engineering, and professional firms. The RES provides many opportunities to learn, to build relationships and to contribute to the community.

The RES encourages and recognizes innovation, cooperation, professional growth and fellowship, in all levels of development, from student to seasoned engineers, scientists and allied professionals.

The RES is recognized as the principal leader committed to increasing the visibility of the greater Rochester area engineering and technical community, serving as a unifying organization for local engineering businesses and associations. 

Our Monthly publication of the Rochester Engineer disseminates what the RES and our affiliates have planned for their members. Please  be sure to check it out and attend a meeting or program for networking!

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Event Hightlights!

What's happening in Rochester today?

RES Special Events!

    • 18-May-2021
    • (EDT)
    • 10-Jun-2021
    • (EDT)
    • 6 sessions
    • Virtual


    An Opportunity to Earn up to 18 PDHs (3 per day, $10/PDH!)

    Peace Bridge Peace Bridge renovations (Timothy Coyle, P.E.)

    Click here for the Schedule at a Glance!


    1. May 18: Electronics and Power
    2. May 19: Machinery Elements and Design
    3. May 20: Environmental Challenges
    4. June 8: Public Projects of Interest
    5. June 9: Facility Infrastructure
    6. June 10: Codes and Requirements

    May 18th Electronics and Power

    Kelly Robbinson Kelly Robinson demonstrating static electricity

    Overview: This session will focus on power transfer, static electricity on machinery, and electrical usage by electronic currency.

    Audience: Plant and managers and engineers; manufacturing/ electrical/plant/process production/ energy/engineers, engineers and directors, policy makers. In addition, the general public will find interest as cyber currency continues to grow.

    • 1:00PM ATS Fundamentals. William Schneeloch, Director of Engineering, Kinsley Power Systems.
    • 2:30PM Bitcoin Energy Use – the Unreal Electricity Consumption of Virtual Cryptocurrencies. Bill Bishop. P.E., Senior Energy Engineer, Pathfinder Engineers.
    • 4:00PM Introduction to Static Control for Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing. Dr. Kelly Robinson, Owner, Electrostatic Answers.
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    Neville Sachs Book by Neville Sachs

    May 19th Machinery Elements and Design

    Overview: This session will provide some tools for mechanical engineers and include presentations on finite element methods; sealing components: and gears and reducers.

    Audience: Manufacturing/mechanical design/civil/production/process/energy engineers; plant maintenance technicians and managers; equipment purchasers; production managers and directors, policy makers.

    • 1:00PM Finite Element Analysis Validation Avoiding the Pitfalls of "Garbage In Garbage Out". Jeffrey Gardiner P.E., Principal, XCEED Engineering and Consulting P.C..
    • 2:30PM Overview of Sealing Components, Their Selection and Application. Jim Drago, P.E., Principal Applications Engineer, Garlock Sealing Technologies.
    • 4:00PM A Practical Look at Gears and Reducers, and their most common problems. Neville W. Sachs PE, Principal, Neville W. Sachs, PLLC.
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    May 20th Environmental Challenges

    M-S Dam Moses Saunders Damm (Bernie Gigas)

    Overview: This session will focus on the past (the Great Lakes), the present (subsurface sampling) and the future (emerging contaminants). The presentations include Lake Ontario lake level management; emerging contaminants in our environment; and geophysics as a means of exploring the earth beneath us.

    Audience: Structural/civil/site/environmental/ water treatment/chemical/municipal/geotechnical engineers, chemists, and officials,

    • 1:00PM Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River Water Level Management: Plan 2014 Operational Concepts, Challenges and Trade Offs. Bernie Gigas, Owner, Lake Ontario South Shore Engineering.
    • 2:30PM Emerging Contaminants: Definition, Detection and Treatment. Denis Conley, Senior Associate, Haley Aldrich.
    • 4:00PM Geophysics for Geotechnical and Environmental Investigations. Mark Saunders, Senior Geophysicist, Golder Associates.
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    Peace Bridge Rochester skateboard park (Amanda Phetteplace)

    June 8th Public Projects of Interest

    Overview: This session will highlight two notable public projects in Western New York: The Peace Bridge in Buffalo, and the Rochester Skate Park. The session also takes a step back into the preliminary planning stage with a presentation on Rochester’s Complete Streets program.

    Audience: Civil/structural/construction/transportation/geotechnical/municipal engineers. planners, the general public.

    • 1:00PM Peace Bridge Rehabilitation Project. Timothy Coyle, P.E., Chief Engineer, Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. (GPI).
    • 2:30PM Design and Construction of the Rochester Skate Park. Amanda Phetteplace, Landscape Architect, Stantec.
    • 4:00PM Complete Streets Makeover an Exploration of Tactical Urbanism in Rochester. Jon Hartley P.E., Associate, Transportation Engineer and Transportation Planning, Stantec.
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    Feature auditoriumAcoustic noise abatement in the Firestone/Litchfield Community Learning Center in Akron, Ohio (Angela Waters, P.E.)

    June 9th Facility Infrastructure

    Overview: This session will focus on those areas of commercial facility management that is largely hidden from the public, yet noticeable when problems arise: equipment vibrations, indoor air quality, and pavement maintenance.

    Audience: As we emerge from this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic and begin to once again fill our facilities and parking lots, this presentation will be of interest to health and safety officers, equipment mechanics, civil/HVAC/structural/electrical engineers, building owners, and the general public.

    • 1:00PM Acoustic Noise Abatement Of Elevated & Non-Elevated Mechanical Equipment. Angela Waters, P.E., Structural Engineering Manager, Kinetics Noise Control, Inc..
    • 2:30PM Using Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization to Create Healthy Indoor Environments. David N. Schurk, Business Development Manager, Global Plasma Solutions.
    • 4:00PM Heater Scarification. Terry Lucey, Sales Engineer, Highway Rehab Corp..
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    NYS Energy CodeLearn about the NYS Energy codes! (Chonghui Liu, Popli Design Group)

    June 10th Codes and Requirements

    Overview: This session will address code requirements in specific areas of building facilities, fire protection systems, and energy use.

    Audience: Civil/mechanical/electrical engineers, code enforcement officials, contractors ,facility managers, and building owners.

    • 1:00PM Plumbing-Civil Coordination for Utility Design. James Basile, P.E., Civil Discipline Leader, Clark Patterson.
    • 2:30PM Compliance with NEC requirements for Fire Protection of Fire pump and Emergency Feeders.. Timothy Franco, Manager, Commercial Sales Northeast, Pyrotenax.
    • 4:00PM The Current and Future Energy Code – an Engineer’s Notes on 2020 NYS Energy Conservation Construction Code, 2020 NYStretch Energy Code, and ASHRAE 90.1-2019". Chonghui Liu (CL), Team Leader, Energy Services, Popli Design Group.
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    Registration is open to anyone. You will need your NYS PE license # to register (or put N/A if not a PE). No guest registrations are allowed so you need to sign up individually!

    If you need to change a session choice you will need to contact Lynne Irwin at RES, res@frontiernet.net or call and leave a message at 585-254-2350.

    If you have any questions or need help contact Lynne Irwin at res@frontiernet.net or therochesterengineer@gmail (or 585-254-2350 and she will return your call).

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